"I tell you Mister Lelio, significant cases can never be studied enough. When you’re dealing with an article in Law, no matter how clear it may be, you should always doubt its outcome; you must take the adversary’s objectives into account, be ready to defend and to attack and any attorney who cares about his honour is never satisfied with himself but keeps watch and sweats to safeguard his client’s interests, to have a clear conscience and to safeguard his own professional scruples." *

* Carlo Goldoni, L’Avvocato veneziano (The Venetian Lawyer), act one, scene one; drawn from the online e-book posted on the website

The legal profession is currently governed by the provisions of Law No. 247, dated 31/12/2012 and published in Government Gazette No.15, dated 18/01/2013. The Attorney is a freelance professional who plies his trade in accordance with the law and the applicable deontological rules.
The Attorney cannot guarantee the outcome of any case but is required to perform his duty with integrity, decorum, independence, diligence and loyalty to the client.