“Our trade is not one that is taught, but rather one that is learned. We learn our trade by battling against errors, injustices, hardships and sometimes even meanness. We learn it by feeling indignant about any judicial abuse, whoever is guilty thereof. We learn it through sleepless nights and the turmoil of our distress. We learn it by suffering with our clients, apologising to them for the misdeeds of the judicial system and the people that apply it. We learn it by cultivating a rightful and irrational belief that justice will always prevail. We learn it by trembling whenever we don a toga and feel as if its enchantment penetrates into our being. We learn it by watching the Legal Masters whenever possible, studying their every move, trying to emulate them and deluding ourselves that we understand their genius. We learn it by thanking our Fathers for having preserved and handed down the enchanting seduction of the art of the Defence.”*

*Ettore Randazzo - L’Avvocato e la Verità, Published by Sellerio, Palermo 2015

The Practice